An Introduction to Six Sigma and Lean

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SigmaTrail along with the FAO Blog bring to you a free web based training session,
on “Introduction to Six Sigma & Lean”
on 9th January 2016 from 3pm – 5 pm (IST – India time)

Six Sigma has now become the most premium stream for not just managing quality, but also building a robust organization. Bundled with Lean it brings unimaginable benefits to almost any organization.

In this session, we give you an overview of both Six Sigma & Lean, and help you lay a foundation to this stream.
It not only benefits the organization, it empowers you in defining new and robust career paths.

These streams are not limited to any specific business or type of operations or organizations, they can be implemented across multiple entities, thus expanding your scope of employment as well.

What do you need: All you need is a laptop / computer, a broadband connection, and a headset+mic.
We will have only 20 seats available. Drop us an email on, with your name, phone number, your current location, your current employer and your role in the organization,  in case if you wish to join in the session.

The participation will be accepted on a first come first served basis, subject to receipt of complete and proper information.

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