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We guide you in this course on “How to Purchase a good Hosting space”. Hosting is key to the accessibility of your website. A restricted hosting space, may come cheap, but then it will keep failing, giving resourse limit errors. You will understand the types of hosting and when to use what. We also share our experiences with clients who bought hosting spaces, which eventually failed.

Total duration of the program is 1 hour 19 mins approx.

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This is not a certification program.

It is recommended that you use an appropriate headset for the best experience. Please adjust the audio volume to a comfortable level.

Please read the “Disclaimer” on the Material page.

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Disclamier: Offers, suggestions, free offerings and recommended links / platforms are controlled by the relevant providers. Please confirm all features, offerings and settings before use. They may change at the discretion of the provider. The recommendations given in the course are purely our preferences, and we do not force anyone to use only these. You have full freedom to chose an alternate provider. We are registered with some of these as affiliates, and we may receive some credits / commisions on some of these, it will however not result in increasing your total cost / charges in any way.