Outsourced – Chief Quality Officer

SigmaTrail’s flagship Program “O-CQO” is targeted at small to medium enterprises, where for the cost of a Senior Quality Manager, a “Chief Quality Officer” will be available on demand. This will help the entity build a robust quality department as they grow.

Oriented towards Small and Medium Organizations, both in the Service and Manufacturing Sector having 200-1500 personnel, we shall be providing a range of de-facto CQO Services on a retainer-ship as well as project assignment basis.

The Consulting program is oriented towards Companies which look forward to a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model for building this capability and do not require the expertise on a full time basis either.

The Program commits CQO capability on a time-sharing basis and provides top-of-the-line CQO capability at affordable costs.

The Program thus adds significant value to the clients’ operational capability and efficiency through enhanced quality of decision-making on a day-to-day basis.

Engagement Model

The professional qualifications, experience, expertise and skill set of an experienced CQO are brought to bear through this Program, with a committed days-per-month being available to each client under a retainer and further time requirement being chargeable on a per hour basis.

The Program shall be a member of the clients’ Management Team, not representing as an employee to the outside world.

The Program shall prevent all conflict-of-interest situations with existing clients holding the pre-emptive right to anticipate a conflict of interest and thus refuse to allow the engagement with a new client.

The Program commits a 6 to 24-month tenure for each relationship, depending on the form of engagement. The tenure can be increased on mutual agreement.

A sample engagement model is shared below.

Estimated Employee Strength 900-1200  
Outline No. of Personnel Coverage month Days
1st 6 months   8 visits per month
4 orientation sessions 200 month 1 4
2 Champions training Leadership – 15-20 each month 1 2
Process Study 4 processes month 1 2
4 Kaizen training 120 month 2 4
4 SS Awareness 120 month 2 4
4 Lean awareness 120 month 3 4
Kaizen & Lean Deployment month 3 4
Process study 10-12 processes month 4-6 4
Projects 12 month 4-6 8
This phase includes organization mapping, identification of areas of improvements, deployment of Kaizen and Lean improvements
7 months – 1 year   8 visits per month
This is where DMAIC is deployed
Green Belt training sessions – 3 batch 12 sessions – max 60 ppl 3 months 12
Green Belt projects & reviews 12 3 months 12
GB Certifications 36
Certification cost above 36 applies
This phase includes GB level project deployment and benefit delivery, ideally mid-size projects.


Estimated Employee Strength 900-1200  
Outline No. of Personnel Coverage month Days
1st 6 months   8 visits per month
13 months – 2 years   8 visits per month
Black Belt training sessions – 3 batch 12 sessions – max 30 ppl 3 months 12
Black Belt projects & reviews 6 3 months 12
BB Certifications 18
Certification cost above 18 applies
Handover to Internal CQO
This phase includes BB level project deployment and benefit delivery, ideally large projects. It also includes creation of readiness for the transfer of this function to the organization

The Traditional Approach Vs. The New Approach

In a traditional approach, on a base of 1200 employee strength, you will need to hire the following resources on an approximate per annum cost as under:

  • One Master Black Belt – 30-45 lakhs
  • Three Black Belts – Total 60-75 lakhs
  • 12-15 Green Belts – Total 120-150 lakhs

These would be dedicated resources.

The new approach however envisages:

  • use of 5-10% of employee time,
  • no business knowledge transfer needed – time saved,
  • covers WIIFM – for the employee and the organization,
  • allows the function to scale up as you grow,
  • larger trained base, eliminating the department functional conflicts,
  • the continuous improvement concept is imbedded in the complete organization,
  • the proposal includes 36 Green Belt Certification – approximate cost 6.0-7.2 lakhs,
  • the proposal includes 18 Green Belt Certification – approximate cost 4.8-5.4 lakhs.