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Webinars are a way of life. We have multiple options, mainly paid. In this course we give you the concepts of a webinar, share some popular and recommended platform, with / without free trial. Most of the platforms are priced based on the number of participants.

In this program, we train you on the fundamentals of a webinar, help you Identify a platform, and also introduce you and teach you how to configure a great low cost platform, which can support upto 1000 participants (we have tested it with 175), allows incountry dialing in over 83 countries, allows lecture mode (also known as the webinar mode), and gives you a good control on your webinar.

Total duration of the program is 2 hours & 6 mins approx.

This program is also part of a bundle. We recommend purchase of the bundle, if you wish to build your website. Link – Bundle

This is not a certification program.

It is recommended that you use an appropriate headset for the best experience. Please adjust the audio volume to a comfortable level.

Please read the “Disclaimer” on the Material page.

Purchase this program and then login to access the material section.

Disclamier: Offers, suggestions, free offerings and recommended links / platforms are controlled by the relevant providers. Please confirm all features, offerings and settings before use. They may change at the discretion of the provider. The recommendations given in the course are purely our preferences, and we do not force anyone to use only these. You have full freedom to chose an alternate provider. We are registered with some of these as affiliates, and we may receive some credits / commisions on some of these, it will however not result in increasing your total cost / charges in any way.