Finance For Non-Finance Streams

This program can be imparted to all employees at all levels, especially execution levels.

The course is open to Non-Finance executives / personnel such as IT Programmers, Software teams, Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Human Resource personnel, Department Heads, Administrators and other non finance executives.

The course would also be useful to self employed and senior executives who would like to associate corporate finance to their operations / work.

An excellent option for those working in back office processes, to relate to their, upstream and downstream processes

The course does not call for any prior knowledge in Accountancy and Finance.

This is a one day program, comprising of 6-7 hours of classroom and 1-2 hours of open house / practice sessions.

The program is open for corporate / groups of individuals.

Please reach us for details:

SigmaTrail Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

909, Maangalya Suryodaya, Varthur Main Road,

Munnekolala, Marathalli, Bangalore – 560037

Ph : +91-99729 66066


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